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"What types of fungus lives between fingers?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat types of fungus lives between fingers?


Is it possible to have a fungus that lives in the creases between your fingers? It seems like that's what I've got, but any time I try to find information about it, I end up reading about nail fungus, which I definitely don't have. Is it the same thing? How should I treat it?


Fungal infections of the skin are quite common. The fungi that cause these infections tend to be contracted from the soil or from other moist, humid environments like the shower stall or gym locker room. There are several species of fungus that can actually cause infections, and they can cause infections of both the skin and the nails. In other words, nail fungal infections and skin fungal infections are similar in this way, that they are both caused by the same types of fungus. At the same time, they present differently. Fungal infections of the nail cause thickening and distortion of the nails, whereas infections of skin areas like the creases between the fingers cause cracking, scaling, redness, and itching. The other good piece of news is that fungal infections of the skin tend to be easier to get rid of then fungal infections of the nails. Often, keeping the skin clean and dry and daily application of an over the counter antifungal cream will be sufficient. Nail fungal infections, on the other hand, rarely respond to antifungal creams. If you try these methods and are not successful, you should consult with your primary care doctor or your dermatologist to discuss other treatment options.

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