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"Are straight moles something to worry about?"

ZocdocAnswersAre straight moles something to worry about?


Should you worry about a mole if it doesn't have the normal look / feel of a mole? Specifically, I've got a mole on my back that is not round but shaped almost in a straight line, like a dash. Either it's changing shape or I just never noticed it before - I'm not sure.


Moles are common. Everyone has them. That being said, they may be a sign of melanoma (a type of skin cancer). Given the severity of melanoma, I would encourage you to have the lesion assessed by a skin specialist (a dermatologist). A mole is a benign (non cancerous) growth. It is a growth of melanocytes ( the cells that give pigment to the skin). How can one distinguish between this and a melanoma? The only way to really only know is by skin biopsy--to see the lesion under a microscope. There are some clues that dermatologists use to see what lesion is at higher risk: A way dermatologist screen is the ABCDE rule. If the mole is Assymetric, has an irregular Border, has various or changing Colors, has a Diameter greater than 6 millimeters, and Evolution (meaning that the mole changes). E sometimes is sometimes used for Elevation. Therefore a symmetric, regular border, homogenous color small lesion is low likelihood. Your lesion, which is assymetric, and may be changing has some risk factors. This maybe nothing, but I think it still warrants evaluation by a dermatologist. This is the only way to be safe and know for sure. Good luck!

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