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"How does one get rid of sand flea bite scars?"


I have a rash of scars that I'm pretty sure date from a time I got bitten really badly on my legs my sand fleas (or chiggers - I can't remember?) and I'm starting to find them pretty ugly. What can I do to get rid of them?


Scars are unfortunately sometimes a difficult problem to rid of, because the healing process can leave the skin either deformed with scar tissue, pock marked, or very lightly colored (hypopigmentation), among other cosmetic problems. Generally, taking good care of your skin is important, such as always applying a good skin moisturizing lotion and avoiding sun damage. These precautionary steps will keep your skin looking more youthful, which will also help the appearance of the scars.

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If the scars are very raised or deformed (called "keloid" formation technically), there is little you can do from the standpoint of home remedies. A dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon might be able to perform a minor surgery to reduce the thickness of the scar, but there is a risk of it coming back again. If the area of skin is pockmarked, sometimes collagen or skin filling injections are possible, such as are used on the face when dealing with bad acne scarring. Your dermatologist can tell you whether or not this is an option for your. Finally, if the scarred areas are hypopigmented, you could consider Excimer laser treatment, performed by some specialized dermatologist, which can successfully repigment scars and other light colored areas.

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