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"What are the symptoms of Perioral Dermatitis?"


I'm a 20 year old woman and I've got a lot of gross red bumps around my mouth that my mom said looked like what her sister used to have. She called it muzzle rash, which I looked up - ""perioral dermatitis."" What Is is and how would I know if I have it?


Perioral dermatitis, interestingly enough, is a common problem in women but relatively rare in men. It is characterized by the development of multiple clusters of small red bumps or blisters all around the mouth, but especially in the crease running down from the outer corner of the mouth and also under the nostrils. If this is what your rash looks like, then it is almost certain that this is what you have! Although the exact cause of perioral dermatitis is not known, there seems to be a strong correlation with the use of face creams, makeups, and steroid creams on the face.

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Therefore, most cases clear up completely if you completely discontinue use of all products, medicated or not, on the face and if you wash the face gently every day with warm water (no soap). However, if these methods do not work for you and if the rash does not start to clear up within a few days, you should see your dermatologist or your primary care doctor. This is because more severe cases of perioral dermatitis may require definitive treatment with a course or oral antibiotics, which usually must be take for at least 1-2 months.

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