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"What is Morton's Neuroma?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is Morton's Neuroma?


I've been dealing with tingling and burning and cramping sensations in my feet, and now the doctor wants to run tests because he thinks it's Morton's Neuroma. If that's what I have? what is it? Is there a cure?


Morton's neuroma is a common problem. This can be treated, however correct diagnosis is required. I encourage you to talk to your doctor. In addition, an orthopedic surgeon may be of benefit. Morton's neuroma is a benign growth in of the nerve. It is actually not a growth of the nerve (so not really a neuroma) but a fibroma (an abnormal growth of the fibrosis tissue surrounding the nerve). This abnormal growth surrounds the plantar nerve of the foot. It most commonly occurs between the third and fourth toe. The pinching of the nerve can cause numbness, pain, tingling of that area. Other causes of these symptoms include (a) other neuropathies--such as from diabetes or nutritional deficiencies (b) broken bone of the foot (c) cellulitis of the foot or (d) capsulitis or bursitis or plantar fasciitis--which is inflammation of other points of the foot. There are other causes but these are the major ones. There are treatments if it is Morton's Neuroma. Shoe orthotics can relieve the pressure and allow it to heal. Steroid injections can also be helpful. In some people, referral to orthopedic surgeon is required to surgically remove the nerve. There are also some surgeons who will inject nerve killing medicine to kill the nerve and not remove it. Talk to your doctor.

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