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"What causes monthly fevers?"


Is there a reason that I (a 31 year old man) should be getting monthly fevers now? I've never felt anything like this, but I have noticed across the last 6 months that it happens very consistently every month and leaves me bedridden. Could it have to do with the moon?


Fevers can be caused by many problems. It unfortunately a symptom of a problem--rather than a problem itself. Regardless, it can be a sign of serious disease.

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I strongly encourage you to see your doctor. Fevers can be caused by a few broad categories of conditions: (a) Infection. Many infections cause fevers than get better / are treated and go aware. Cyclic fevers are less common but can occur. Disease that can do it are: tuberculosis (a bacterial infection), malaria (a parasite infection, brucellosis ( a bacteria). Subacute endocarditis can also cause this--an infection of the heart valves. There are other less common infections but this should be ruled out. (b) Inflammation. Inflammatory disease that cause fevers include many autoimmune disease like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. Sarcoid is a rheumatologic disorder of inflammation that can cause monthly fevers. (c) Malignancy. Cancer can cause fevers. Cancers that commonly cause fevers are leukemias or lymphomas. These are cancers of the blood cells. Kidney cancer can also do this. I would strongly recommend seeing your doctor. Another possibility is that you are being exposed to something each month--track your fevers and your exposures and talk to your doctor. There is no data that the moon effects body temperature.

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