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What is a pelvic phleboliths?

I'm 39 and I just found a lump in my pelvis area that I went to my doctor about. She said that it was a pelvic phlebolith and that it might not be a problem but she would have to do more tests to be certain. That's where we are now. But what is a phlebolith, and why might it be dangerous?
A phlebolith is, simply, a small calcification within a vein. They are particularly common in the veins of the pelvis, and they are almost always benign and not caused by any serious medical condition. Rarely, the phlebolith may be associated with an underlying tumor, and this may be what your doctor means when she says that she wants to do more tests to rule this out. Also phleboliths are usually within the pelvis, not outside where you could find them yourself (they are usually picked up on a CT scan of the pelvis). So it would be important to consider other causes of lumps in the pelvic area other than phleboliths. By far the most common lump that you could find yourself would be an enlarged lymph node. As always the diagnosis and the management of your particular concerns will require a physical examination by your personal physician. Setting up an office visit to discuss your questions with your primary care doctor is advised.
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