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"What causes lesions to form around one's lungs?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes lesions to form around one's lungs?


Why would I have lesions forming around my lungs? My doctor found one in an x-ray that she ultimately decided was not dangerous (after a very scary period) but I still don't understand what caused the lesion to develop in the first place.


This is an unfortunate example of how incidental abnormalities on tests we ordered can cause a lot of anxiety. The best physician to see about this is your primary care physician. A lesion is a generic term to describe any abnormality whether it be a tumor, area of infection, area of inflammation, or injury. It is basically a term we throw around to describe an abnormality for which we do not know the origin. Lesions see on an x-ray are impossible to determine the origin without seeing more detailed imaging (CT scan or MRI) or getting a biopsy. A lesion in the lung could be an old infection that has left scar. It could be an old are of inflammation that has left some scare tissue. It is just impossible to tell what it is. Most likely your doctor looked at the x-ray carefully decided it wasn't anything to worry about. Another way to determine if the a lesion is dangerous or not is to get another x-ray and see if it has changed in size. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to discuss this issue further so that you can put your mind to rest. Good luck.

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