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"What are the long-term effects of head trauma?"


I'm in my early 40's, and ever since I got in a bad work accident several years ago, I feel like my attention span has been on a sharp decline. Sometimes I feel like I can't even watch tv. Could this be due to the effects of the head injury I sustained during my accident?


Traumatic brain injury can be devastating and leaves many Americans debilitated each year. Although it is unclear what exactly happened during your specific injury, and so it is difficult to say whether your symptoms are related to this injury, there are definitely long term effects associated with traumatic brain injury that you may be experiencing. Depression, fatigue, problems with reading, writing or comprehending, seizure disorders, headaches, and visual problems are some of the many long term problems that can be caused by traumatic brain injury.

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In people with these symptoms, it may take years to resolve or may never be fully resolved. Your primary care doctor can best assess your clinical history, your current presenting medical issues, and decide what the appropriate work up is necessary. This may include imaging of the brain such as an MRI or various neuropsychological tests. They may recommend certain medications or refer you to a neurologist who can further assess what may be necessary to further treat your difficulty with attention. Traumatic brain injury can be a serious matter and it is important that you be evaluated for this by a trained professional who can assess and come up with a treatment plan that is appropriate.

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