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"How should one raise a child with ADHD?"


My younger sister has been diagnosed with ADHD, and none of us know what to do with her. She is medicated, but that has only affected her somewhat - she's still impossible to manage if you're trying to get her to do anything, especially schoolwork. Where can we learn about good techniques for dealing with ADHD kids?


Many children are affected with ADHD, which makes them difficult to relate to at times and often leads to behavior problems at home and in school. There are many resources available for parents and families of children with ADHD. One place to start would be to see if there is a parenting support group or resource center in your town.

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Another resource would be your sister's school, as most schools have special education specialist who are professionals in dealing with these and other learning related problems. In fact, your sister may benefit from an individualized education plan (IEP) in her school, if she does not have one already. At home, it is important to create a structured, orderly environment where the child's things are located always in the same place. This can prevent losing items and help with getting homework done on time. Setting clear, consistent behavioral expectation with clear, consistent rewards and punishments can be very helpful in controlling home behaviors. Finally, if the medication your sister is taking has not been helping much, then it might be time to discuss this with her pediatrician or child psychiatrist, as different medications or different dosing might be indicated.

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