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"Does brain aneurism cause hippus?"


I was diagnosed by my doctor as having hippus, which I guess explains some of my sensitivity to light, but we didn't really talk about what could have caused my hippus in the first place. Is it possibly the result of a brain aneurism? I worry that I had one last year because of a certain type of headache I got


There are a few important points of discussion in regards to your question. The first point is that you say that you worry that you have a brain aneurysm based upon a certain type of headache that you had. Have you had this possible aneurysm evaluated by a neurosurgeon, and if not, it is important that you do? Generally, brain aneurysms are diagnosed by special cat scans that have contrast, or cerebral angiograms.

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Headaches by themselves do not necessarily mean you have a brain aneurysm, but certain presenting symptoms are very concerning for rupture of a cerebral aneurysm. These symptoms are beyond the scope of this discussion, but it is important that you are properly worked up, because if you do have an unsecured aneurysm, you are at risk for bleeding from this aneurysm that can be life threatening. In terms of your hippus, it is unlikely that there is an association with this possible aneurysm. Hippus is usually seen with certain medications, and a variety of neurological disorders. If you have not been evaluated for your possible aneurysm, it is important that you be evaluated by a neurosurgeon. In terms of the hippos, consider being evaluated by an ophthalmologist or neurologist for further work up of this.

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