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"Is an ovarian cyst large if it can be felt externally?"


I just had an OBGyn suring which my doctor said she could feel what was probably an ovarian cyst on my right side. We will do more tests, but I am already scared. Wouldn't a cyst have to be very large for her to feel it from the outside?


Ovarian cysts are extremely common findings in women of all ages. The best type of physician to consult about this problem is a board certified OBYGN, or in some cases a primary care physician such as a family doctor. Occasionally physicians find lumps of bumps which we do not know the origin of on routine physical exams.

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In this case, you doctor probably felt a small mass when doing your pelvic exam. This is quite common. Ovarian cysts can be very large or very small. A cysts that is a couple inches in diameter would be easily felt by a skilled physician. The vast majority of cysts turn out to be benign, but some of them need further work up. In young women, common type of cyst is a corpus luteum cyst which can grow fairly large, but then regresses on its own. I suggest that you get your pelvic ultrasound sooner than later if nothing else to get this off your mind. If a cyst is found, then your doctor will decide whether to continue to follow it with another ultrasound or get a biopsy done of it. If no cyst is found, nothing more will need to be done. Good luck.

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