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"What causes the urethra to sting after urination?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes the urethra to sting after urination?


I'm a guy in my 20s and I am somewhat worried I have a disease because after I urinate, my urethra starts tingling and burning. This goes away after a while, but it still worries me. Could it be a disease even if it only hurts after urination, not during?


The differential diagnosis for pain and tingling after urination for a young male include the presence of a sexually transmitted disease, a urinary tract infection, amongst other possibilities. From your description, it is difficult to assess if this is a disease process or not. The entire differential diagnosis is beyond the scope of this discussion, and your primary care doctor would best be able to discuss the various lab tests and possible treatment options available based on your medical history and clinical presentation. In terms of sexually transmitted disease, this can be a sign of a potential STD. You can look for other signs of STDs including lesions on your genitalia which may be painful or painless, you may see discharge from your penis that may or may not be foul smelling. If it is indeed found that you do have an STD, it is important to alert any partners you have had recently so that they may get tested and treated if medically deemed necessary. Urinary tract infections in young men are not very common but can also present with pain and or numbness after urination. Your primary care physician will be able to better evaluate you and order the appropriate studies and treatment options if necessary.

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