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What causes a man to urinate blood?

I'm 32 and I've had blood in my urine for a month. WHY? I have tested negative for every possible STD, and I haven't had any groin trauma. I'm going to see a specialist, but in the meantime, what might cause this? Ideas?
Obviously any time you begin urinating blood you should seek help from a qualified heath care professional right away. In this case, the best place to start is a primary care physician who can refer you to the correct specialist whether that is an urologist, kidney doctor (nephrologist), or blood doctor (hematologist). Hematuria (technical term for blood in the urine) has too many possible causes to review here. One common cause is a kidney stone. These usually also cause back/groin pain as well. You could have an immune reaction in your kidneys causing blood. This can happen after a bout of strep throat or a viral respiratory infection. If you have suddenly incorporated beats into your diet, they will turn your urine red making it look like you are urinating blood. The antibiotic rifampin does the same thing. You may have a blood disorder which is causing some destruction of your red blood cells causing the red pigment to get into your urine. I suggest that you keep that appointment with the doctor you have plans to see. He or she can take a more detailed history of any symptoms you may be having and perform a thorough physical exam. After this plus a urinalysis, you may get a diagnosis. Good luck.
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