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"What causes periodic blurred vision?"


I have a history of blurring vision in one eye. This has happened several times over the last few years. Each time it's the same eye, and my vision gets blurry for no more than a few hours. Why is this happening? What kind of doctor is best for this?


There are several possible causes of this problem. By far the most common is simply eye fatigue. After periods of intense concentration, such as reading or use of a computer screen, some people will find that the muscles in their eyes become fatigued and have trouble focusing.

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This can affect one eye more than the other and may be the problem you have experienced, which usually is better after a good night's sleep. There are other, more serious problems that can cause blurry vision as well. For example if the blurry vision is associated with an increase in floaters and flashes of light, this may be a sign of retinal detachment. If there is redness of the eye or eye pain, then this may be a sign of increased eye pressure, such as from glaucoma. In some people, especially older adults with high blood pressure and other chronic conditions, blurry vision might be a sign of a transient ischemic attack, which is a warning sign for stroke and something that should be checked out immediately. Finally, blurry vision might be part of a migraine headache, as part of the aura that precedes the headache. It sounds like you should probably discuss this issue with your primary care doctor and have a good physical exam just to make sure there is nothing serious going on.

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