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"What are the effects of oxymatrine?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the effects of oxymatrine?


I'm 29 years old and I have chronic fatigue syndrome. My doctor recommended oxymatrine at my last appointment (two weeks ago) but I haven't taken my prescription to the pharmacy yet because I don't know enough about oxymatrine. What is its success rate and what are its side effects?


As you surely know, chronic fatigue syndrome is very tough thing to live with. It sounds like you probably have had a full evaluation of your fatigue. Just so you know, you need have tests to look for organic causes of fatigue such as hypothyroidism and Addison's disease before you can receive the chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis. Oxymatrine is a molecule known as an alkaloid that is extracted from the traditional Chinese medicinal herbs Sophora flavescens. It has been used in Chinese medicine to treat chronic viral hepatitis in place of other newer medications we have today. Because of its suggestive effect on viral syndromes, it has been proposed that Oxymatrine may be able to help people with chronic fatigue syndrome. This is because of one hypothesis (yet unproven) about the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome being an undetectable viral infection. Unfortunately, there are no published studies in the public records looking at Oxymatrine and its possible effectiveness. There are also no formal large scale studies on its side effects. Thus, no one will be able to definitively answer the question of success rate and side effects. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician if you are uncomfortable starting the Oxymatrine without good science behind it. It is entirely reasonable to start with something more mainstream. Good luck.

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