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"What makes acne medicine-resistant?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat makes acne medicine-resistant?


I'm a guy in my teens with really oily skin and I'm very acne-prone. I've tried everything - masks, peels, creams, cleansing pads - and it never helps. As of a few months ago, my acne began to itch, which just makes them look redder and more inflamed when I scratch them. What is happening to my face?


To start with, it is important not to scratch or squeeze your acne spots as this will only make it more inflamed and will also make you prone to infection of the skin. One of the secrets to managing acne well is not to wait too long before talking with your doctor. If you are using a combination of washing your face with soap, using an exfoliating preparation, and also using a comedonolytic such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid (found in many over the counter acne creams, masks, and pads), and you are not having any luck, then it is definitely time to see your primary care doctor or your dermatologist. Continuing to use over the counter products if they are not having any effect on your acne could be bad for your skin. Especially since you are describing a lot of itching, which may actually be a reaction to one of the products you are using or a symptom of having dried out the skin too much. Your doctor can prescribe a combination of stronger comedonolytic or retinoid creams and maybe also antibiotics, either in topical for or taken orally. This should help you get your skin back into shape.

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