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"Why would a person with a fever feel cold?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy would a person with a fever feel cold?


My daughter is 17 and says she feels cold, but she has a high temperature. She also has some normal cold / flu symptoms, but the temperature thing really worries me. How serious is this? Should I take her to a hospital?


It sounds like your daughter really doesn't feel good. Despite having a higher than normal temperature, people can feel chilled. This is because when someone is sick, body recognizes this and intentionally increases the body temperature. This is done by inducing a feeling of being cold and shivering which increases the bodies temperature. This is why someone can feel cold but actually have a higher temperature. If your daughter has a fever, then she most likely has some type of infections. Some viral infections such as the flu can cause a fever. This is the right season for the flu. However, a bacterial infection including pneumonia can also cause these types of symptoms including fever. Your daughter needs to see a doctor, but she may or may not need to go to he hospital. You could start by calling your daughter's pediatrician or family doctor. You can describe her symptoms including her most recent and highest temperature to the doctor and a decision can be made. At the very least, her doctor will want to see her in the office the same day. If you cannot get a hold of her doctor, then it would not be unreasonable to take her to the emergency room.

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