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"Does cataract surgery cause double vision?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes cataract surgery cause double vision?


My elderly father had cataract ssurgery 8 months ago and is now complaining periodically of double vision - especially when it's cold, I'v enoticed. Why would this be?


Double vision (also known as diplopia) is a dangerous symptom for your father to have especially if he is still driving. Thus I think that its important for him to see a doctor really soon. The best type of physician for him to see is an ophthalmologist (perhaps the one that performed the cataract surgery). Diplopia is usually caused by the two eyes not being aligned properly with each other. Each eye sees the object, but since they are not equally focused, the brain interprets the vision as two objects. Cataract surgery involves the removal of a lens that is no longer operating properly and replacement with a prosthetic one. There are a few complications of cataract surgery, but most of them occur closer to the time of the surgery and diplopia is not typically seen. Thus, I cannot say for sure if the surgery and your father's symptoms are related, but I would guess that they are probably not. I think that your father should schedule an appointment with his ophthalmologist this week. Ophthalmologists have instruments at their disposal in the office which can assess your father's vision and determine if there is a reason that he is having diplopia. Good luck.

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