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"What makes multiple veins burst?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat makes multiple veins burst?


I'm a woman, age 28, with thin sensitive skin. I have had several burst veins in my life (that end up creating a large bruised area, goes away slowly) but since two months ago, I've had at least three, maybe four. Why is this happening? Am I have a deficiency of a certain nutrient or vitamin?


Spontaneous burst veins are not normal. I would encourage you to talk to your doctor if this is the case. There are both serious as well as minor conditions that can cause this, but I would encourage you to rule these out. In general, it is common for young, active people to develop the occasional bruise ( or ecchymosis) after trauma. These, as you suggest, are breaks in the small vessels of the skin. We expect these to occur while playing sports or general life. That being said, you should be able to explain most or not all of them. If not there is some concern. First, if a young women were to present to a doctor with multiple unexplained bruises, a doctor will always be concerned for domestic abuse. I hope this is not the case. If so, I encourage you to seek help and talk with your doctor. He or she can help. Unexplained bruises makes your doctor think that either the vessels are thin/weak or the blood is thin. Thin vessels can occur in vessel inflammation, but this is rare. More commonly, bruises are a sign of thin blood. Other things we might expect are: heavy periods, nose bleeds, lots of bleeding after cuts, blood in urine/stool/cough. This can be caused by problems in or deficiency of platelets (clotting cells) or other blood clotting factors. These can be dangerous conditions as one is at risk for lots of blood loss. I would strongly encourage you to talk to your doctor.

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