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"How long should one wait after a C-section to exercise?"


I'm a 27 year old woman who just delivered my first child by c-section, and I'm trying to figure out how long I should wait to do more intense exercise. Of course, I've been warned against doing strenuous things too soon, but I'm a lifelong athlete and want to get back to cycling and running ASAP!


It is really important for you to take the proper precautions against injury to a surgical wound during the time after you have an operation like a C section. Unfortunately, this is not a question for which I can give you a definitive answer because it depends on the type of C section you had, the presence or absence of complications, any additional medical history you have, medicines you are taking, your body size, and finally your doctor's personal opinion. Given how long that list is, it would be dangerous for anyone besides the OB / GYN that performed your C section to tell you that.

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With that said, you may fit into a category of patients that can return to normal exercise within 1-2 months after surgery. If your skin and uterine incisions were both transverse (sideways instead of head to toe), then the healing process will be faster. If you has no complications such as extra bleeding, wound infections, and injury to any other organs, things will progress faster. Finally, if you have no other medication conditions and are on no other medicines, you should get back to what you want to do soon. I suggest that you contact your OB / GYN and pose this question to him or her. This way you can get a direct answer that takes into account all these factors that only your doctor knows. Good luck.

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