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"How can you get rid of psoriasis scars?"


I'm a 31 year old guy with a history of psoriasis, that's now much better. But I am left with serious scarring on my face that I would do anything to get rid of. It's socially very embarrassing. Are there treatments that are effective for psoriasis / rash scars, such as silicone gel or laser treatment?


I am glad to hear that your psoriasis has gotten better over the years, and also very sorry to hear that you have been left with some cosmetically significant scars. There are in fact several options that you could explore to deal with this scarring; everything depends, however, on what the scar areas look like. For example, areas of skin scar that are lightly colored (hypopigmented), raised up and rough, punched out, or severely distorted are all treated in different ways.

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Excimer laser treatment, performed by some dermatologists, is an excellent way to combat areas of hypopigmentation. Typically multiple treatment sessions are required, but in the end the hypopigmented areas generally take on color and look more like surrounding skin. If, on the other hand, the scars are extremely distorted or punched out, they may require surgical excision, with or without skin grafting. Skin fillers, such as collagen, can be an option if there are a few isolated pock marked lesions that you want to deal with. Finally, if the scars are more generally raise, dermal abrasion or laser resurfacing might be options to consider, as these can stimulate the formation of new skin and help with resurfacing larger areas of skin.

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