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"Is there a safe way to thin out the hips?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a safe way to thin out the hips?


I've never been happy with the way my hips jut out from my body. Is there some kind of cosmetic surgery to shave down the hips, so I can get a slimmer profile? I'm 29, and healthy, and okay with my body in other respects.


Maintaining a healthy body image is one of the most important achievements for your health. I strongly congratulate you on your goal for a healthy body. I would encourage you to talk to your primary care physician as he or she can help you in your goals. To answer your question, it is difficult to focus on one specific area of the body. You are right that some people carry more weight on their hips. The "pear shape" body type is common among women. The jutting out of the hips is very rarely due to a bone abnormality--but more commonly due to excess fatty tissue. Losing weight will eventually lead to weight loss in this area. Overall, weight loss can be achieved through general principles of expending more energy than you consume. As simple as it sounds, eat less and exercise more. Your primary care doctor can help with potential medicines and consults (Note that a nutrition or dietetics consult can be of help). There is no proven or safe method for bone reshaping. I would not recommend this at all. There are some procedures to remove subcutaneous fat from a specific area (notably liposuction). Different doctors will have different opinion regarding this. Talk to a qualified plastic surgeon for more information. Good luck!

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