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"Is there a way to remove syringomas?"


I'm 99% sure that the bumps on my upper cheeks (near my eyes) are syringomas. If I see a doctor about this, what kind of procedure can I request to get rid of them? They're unsightly and I want them gone - I'm willing to pay a lot.


Syringomas are benign tumors of the sweat glands found in the skin, where the cells of the sweat glands multiply, producing small white to yellow bumps under the skin that are soft and painless. These bumps can be found anywhere, but they are particularly common on the cheeks and lower eyelids. Syringomas are completely benign, so they do not require medical treatment except for cosmetic reasons.

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If you decide that you would like to proceed with a cosmetic procedure, then you should begin by talking to your dermatologist, who can discuss the various options available to you. If there are just a few large syringomas that you want to remove, then a targeted methods such as surgically cutting out the largest ones may be an option, as may freezing or burning the spots. These methods are simple and relatively inexpensive, but they will not work if there are many syringomas. Furthermore, they carry at least some risk of scarring of the skin. Other options, which are more expensive but can target larger areas of skin, include dermal abrasion, in which the outer layers of skin can be scraped off, taking the syringomas with them, and laser-based treatments. Infection and pain are possible complications, but the risk of localized scarring is less.

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