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"Can I whiten my eyes?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I whiten my eyes?


My eyes have become less and less bright as I've aged, and the 'sclera' are getting more yellow and veined. Is there any treatment that allows people to clean their sclera, so to speak? I want my eyes to be white, like they used to be.


The sclera of the eye has the potential to change color slightly over time. It also has the potential to hint at diseases going undetected. In your case, sclera getting more yellow suggests jaundice, and you should be evaluated for elevated bilirubin levels in your blood. Bilirubin is a natural metabolic product that is made from dead red blood cells. It is normally produced from these dead red blood cells, and expelled from the body in the form of feces (which turns it brown) and urine (which turns it yellow). Both problems with your red blood cells and problems with your liver can result in elevated bilirubin levels. This can go undetected because sometimes there is no symptoms other than a faint yellowing of the sclera. If you get checked out an your bilirubin levels are fine, then you can try some over the counter eye drops such as Visine to reduce the appearance of blood vessels in you sclera. This will make your eyes appear whiter. Your next best step is to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician (family doctor or internal medicine doctor). He or she can take a closer look at your eyes and see if there is any other explanation for their color. In addition, you can have your bilirubin levels and liver function checked through blood tests.

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