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"Could my old lasik surgery be causing my current eye problems?"


I got LASIK surgery to help correct my very poor eyesight two years ago. It was successful in terms of helping improve my eyesight, but since then I've had problems with itchiness and dry eyes. Is this possibly a side-effect of the surgery?


Lasik surgery, like any surgery, can have complications. However, there are many other causes of eye problems that should be ruled out. Regardless of cause, this requires attention.

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I would strongly encourage you to see your ophthalmologist (eye specialist) to investigate this. As you are aware, LASIK is a procedure that shapes the cornea (outer part of the eye) to improve distance vision. The procedure involves using laser technology to cut and reshape the cornea. This can have complications. However most of these occur right away. Talk to your ophthalmolgist. Corneal abrasions (scarring of the cornea) can causes dry, itchy and often painful eyes. This can occur by a problem during LASIK surgery. However, this rarely lasts as long as two years. Regardless, this should be ruled out. Dry and itchy eyes can also be caused by other disease. The most common cause is actually allergies. I would talk to your doctor about trying antihistamines if you have any other allergy symptoms (nose symptoms). LASIK can also cause a worsening of your close up vision (while improving distance vision). People sometimes don't realize they are having blurry vision as the eye can strain to improve the vision. This can result in dry eyes. Talk to your doctor to ensure your vision is not causing these symptoms. Good luck!

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