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"Will i have much success with acupuncture to alleviate knee pain?"

ZocdocAnswersWill i have much success with acupuncture to alleviate knee pain?


As i understand; a good percentage of pain is psychosomatic so will acupuncture be a good alternative medicine?


That is a great question. There has been a lot of very good research done on the benefits of acupuncture and some of these studies have shown a clear improvement in people's perceived pain scores after acupuncture treatment, one such study looked at knee pain specifically. It is not clear exactly how acupuncture or acupressure work exactly, but there are theories that they block the transmission of pain signals to the brain from your knee, or other causes of pain, based upon the gate theory of pain. The specifics of this theory are beyond the scope of this discussion but the basic idea is that the painful signals that are sent to the spinal cord and then to the brain are blocked from being transmitted by the signals sent by the acupuncture needles. Of course, this does not actually cause any improvement in the underlying cause of the knee pain (i.e. arthritis, etc) but can help with the pain associated with it. It is important to discuss this further with your primary care doctor who will be able to better assess the causes of your knee pain, and decide upon a proper course of diagnosis and treatment options, including acupuncture.

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