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"Can I reshape my head at all?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I reshape my head at all?


I have a noticeable bump on the crown of my head. Friends have seen it when my hair was short and thought I had a bump from getting hit on the head. It's embarrassing. Is there anything I can do to smooth it out?


That is a great question. As babies, our skulls are malleable because we are born with two fontanelles (soft spots) which allow for our heads to pass through the birth canal. As we grow older, the fontanelles close and form suture lines which are the areas that the various bones in the skull meet. In babies, sometimes these suture lines close irregularly and this can lead to irregularly shaped heads, which is also called craniosynostosis. There are available treatment options for babies that involve a fairly extensive surgery in which parts of the skull bones are removed or reshaped. In adults, surgery for correction of skull irregularities is not a common or generally accepted procedure. If this bump is a new finding, if it is tender,or if it feels fluctuant, it may be prudent to be evaluated by your primary care doctor as there are other diseases that can present with masses that arise from the skull or scalp. Only your primary care doctor can assess your clinical history and your presenting symptoms and decide the appropriate workup and possible treatment options if available. If the workup reveals no underlying concerns, then consider wearing a hat or growing out your hair if you feel uncomfortable or self conscious about this.

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