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"What gives me hypersensitive skin?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat gives me hypersensitive skin?


I'm a young woman and I have a few patches of skin (one on my neck, one father down on my chest) that are SO sensitive to the touch that they're in pain half the time. This just started a few weeks ago. What is it?


Hypersensitive skin is a common condition. It can be from a number of causes, however some of these require medical attention as they will worsen or progress without proper treatment. I would encourage you to see your primary care doctor. In addition, a dermatologist, or skin specialist, can be of help for this condition. There are a few possible causes for what you describe, but the two broad categories are problems in the skin or problems in the nerves. As for problems in the skin, it is not uncommon for inflamed skin to cause pain. This is loosely known as a dermatitis. In this situation the inflammatory cells can "tickle" the pain nerves and cause the sensation. This can be caused by infection of the skin (a cellulitis), an allergic inflammation, or from the body attacking this skin itself (like psoriasis). These conditions require treatment. In addition there are many other skin changes that should be ruled out. One in particular is an infection of the skin by a virus known as zoster. This is a form of the chicken pox virus. See your doctor for this. The other broad category is nerve problems, which can again occur in any part of the body. Nerve inflammation from the body fighting the nerves, from slow nerve damage, or from infection are possible. See you doctor. This is a concerning symptoms that should be addressed.

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