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"Is there a way to tighten up saggy elbows?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a way to tighten up saggy elbows?


I'm a middle aged woman and I don't like the way my body looks around my arms and elbows. What are my options in terms of surgery to clean up the saggy skin at my elbows? This is pretty important to me.


Sagging of the skin tends to occur in middle age as the collagen fibers and other materials which give the skin its firm texture start to break down with age. Sagging is especially common in areas of frequent motion, such as the elbows and other joints. Sagging can also be exacerbated by recent weight loss, and it is very common for middle aged women to have an area of loose skin and flesh on the back of the arm overlying the triceps. The first step in dealing with this issue are the non-surgical options. For example, improving the tone of the muscles (such as the triceps) that underlie these areas of sagging skin can often help with the overall appears of the skin. You should talk to your personal trainer at your gym about what exercises you can perform to improve tone in your upper arms. After taking these measures, you would need to set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon. "Arm lifts" can be performed which involve making a cut down the underside of the arm and removing extra skin and tissue and then tightening up the remaining skin. Your plastic surgeon will be able to tell you if this operation is a possibility for you.

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