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"Is there a way to fill in an ear pit?"


I have an ear pit on my left side and I find it very unsightly. Is it possible for me to have cosmetic surgery to get it 'filled in' so I can stop looking at it and touching it?


Ear pits, known in medical terminology as preauricular pits, are congenital (meaning you are born with them) deformities of the ear that result from mildly abnormal formation of the cartilage and structures that make up the external ear. Occasionally they are associated with hearing loss or other congenital problems, but this is very unlikely if you have made it to adulthood without any problems! In adults, a preauricular pit is usually benign, unless it gets routinely infected, in which case antibiotics and drainage might be required. In the absence of infection, they are usually left alone.

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If you find the pit very cosmetically disturbing, then the treatment option is surgical excision. This is not so much 'filling in' the pit as it is 'cutting it out'. This is because the pit connects to a duct underneath which also must be cut out, otherwise it will fill up with material and become infected or distended. It is, therefore, a slightly more involved surgical technique, and the cosmetic results after the surgery from scarring may be more unsightly than just leaving the pit alone. If you wish to discuss your options, the best doctors to talk with would be a ear-nose-throat surgeon or a plastic surgeon.

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