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"What is the best treatment for very very oily hair?"


No matter how often I wash my hair, it looks and feels very greasy. Are there supplements or medicines I can take to help it? What's the best kind of shampoo for me?


First and foremost, an increase in the amount of oily secretions that are being deposited in your hair could be a sign of other changes, including changing hormone levels and other issues that could be a sign of something that could affect your health. Assuming that your health is stable and you are being seen regularly by your primary care physician for routine physical exams and health maintenance (including appropriate vaccinations), the next step would be not to change the type of shampoo, but the way in which you use it. The first recommendation would be to leave the shampoo in your hair for about 5 minutes, much the way that you would with conditioner, before your rinse it out.

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You can continue that daily. Additionally, it would be wise to avoid brushing your hair too much, as that can cause the oil to leave the scalp and migrate to the more noticeable parts of your hair. Finally, again assuming that your health is stable, you have no other symptoms, and you are healthy in every other way, a cosmetologist (someone who works at a hair salon, for example) might be able to provide more tips including the appropriate intermittent use of a deep cleaning shampoo. As always, please make sure and follow up with your primary care doctor with any changes in your health, including an increase in oils in your hair.

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