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"What are hypoechoic solid nodules?"


A loved one just got a clinical breast examination. After an ultrasound, the doctor said that she has hypoechoic solid nodules. What does this mean? Does she have breast cancer?


This is the unfortunate situation where your loved one's doctor failed to explain in full what this finding means. Whenever a physician does not explain a finding in detail, it is sometimes because they don't know what it means yet. In this case, a hypoechoic nodule is simply a mass which does not bounce back ultrasound waves very well.

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It usually represents some abnormal tissue that could be many different things (some bad, some not). It usually means that the patient needs to undergo more testing. In most cases, this means that the patient must either undergo additional imaging, or a breast biopsy. There are more than one type of breast abnormality that results in a hypoechoic solid nodule on an ultrasound. A breast tumor is one possibility, but no one will be able to tell for sure without a biopsy. There are different types of physician that are able to perform breast biopsies. Your relative may need to see a breast surgeon or possibly a radiologist. After the biopsy, a pathologist will examine the tissue and determine if it is cancerous or not. If it is cancerous, the mass will need to be removed. Hopefully, your loved one will get the answers she needs soon.

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