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"what are the side effects? allergic reactions to eldery women who are injected synvisc one gel 6 mil for knee artritis? how safe is this drug?"

ZocdocAnswerswhat are the side effects? allergic reactions to eldery women who are injected synvisc one gel 6 mil for knee artritis? how safe is this drug?


my mother who was 95years old had moderate knee arthritis for many years about `13 years? all of her former orthopedic knee specialists just used small dosages of cortisone shots as needed for hr arthritis and she did quite well on it..last june a physcian asst gave my mother a drug called synvisc one 6mil? my mother didnt want it, but she gave it to her without consent, nor talking about side effects from it especially she was elderly? and the allergies? no safety precautions? is this dru safe?


Knee osteoarthritis is a common problem. There are many treatments available for this. If you have any concerns regarding the disease or its treatment, I would strongly encourage you to talk to your mother's doctor. Knee osteoarthritis is a condition in which there is wear and tear on the knee joint. This results in inflammation of the joint which causes significant pain. Steroid injections (cortisone injections) can be done to decrease inflammation. However, multiple shots can eventually lead to degeneration of the joint. Therefore, there are some people who limit the number of injections that a joint should have. Synvisc is a relatively new injection that is used for injection into a joint. It is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved, which means the government safety agency believes if can be both safe and effective for this purpose. It is essentially a injectable form of cartilage, with the hope being this will protect the bones in the joint from rubbing against each other. It is relatively safe as it often remains just in the joint. There are risks for an allergic reactions to the medicine, as with all medicines. This can cause rash, warmth or hives. Infection and bleeding are also risks. Synvisc is a relatively safe drug. Talk to your mother's doctor for more information.

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