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"Why am I congested all the time?"


I am 21. I have exercise-induced asthma that is rarely an issue but no history of allergies. I have been pretty much continuously congested for a few months now, more so when i am at home in my apartment where i have a cat. i sneeze out a lot of clear mucus. sometimes my eyes are really itchy and red as well. am i allergic to my cat? what kind of doctor should i see? i am taking 100 mg of zoloft daily.


Your symptoms sound very much like an allergic reaction. Despite the fact that you do not have a history of allergies, a runny nose with clear mucus and eyes that are itchy sounds very suspicious. Allergies during the winter months that seem to be worse at home are very likely either your pet, or something like dust mites in your apartment.

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Both types of allergies are very common. Your zoloft is unlikely to be playing a role here. I think your next best move is to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can take a more detailed history of your symptoms and perform a thorough physical exam. Perhaps your doctor will give you a trial of anti-histamines, drugs that will lessen the symptoms of allergies. If these drugs help, then you will know that you are likely allergic to something at home. If it is your cat, then you will need to make a decision about whether to keep the cat. Another option is to then schedule an appointment with an allergist who can perform more detailed testing and determine exactly what you are allergic to. An allergist can also perform allergy desensitization give you more long lasting relief. Good luck.

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