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"What should I do about the whiteheads around my eyes?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do about the whiteheads around my eyes?


I'm a guy, age 25, and I've never had great skin but it's now getting much worse, especially around my eyes. I have tons of little whiteheads all around my eyes, and I've tried all kinds of pads and creams to get rid of them. What should my next step be?


It is quite likely that the 'whiteheads' around your eyes are actually not whiteheads at all, especially if they are not responding at all to standard acne treatments. There is a skin condition called syringoma, which shows up commonly as numerous, very small white bumps around the eyes, especially below the eye. These syringomas are not whiteheads at all, rather they are benign tumors of the skin's normal sweat glands. Consequently, they will not respond to acne medications. Syringomas, if they are not cosmetically bothersome, do not require any treatment at all. However, if they are bothersome to you, then you would need to talk to a dermatologist. The treatments that are used to get rid of syringomas vary. If there are just a few large ones, then freezing them may be a viable option. However, if there are very many, then a more intensive procedure, such as a laser-based therapy or dermal abrasion, is probably needed in order to be effective. Your dermatologist will also be able to confirm the diagnosis of syringomas. If, in fact, this just turns out to be bad acne around the eyes (which it doesn't sound like) then, since you are already not having luck with over the counter acne treatments, you probably need a prescription for your acne from the dermatologist regardless.

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