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"What kind of allergies are related to cashew allergies?"


My wife thinks our daughter had a very bad allergic reaction to cashews at a birthday party last week. I?m not convinced it was allergies at all but in the meantime (we haven't taken her to an allergist yet) what other allergies should we watch out for? Are there other things she shouldn't eat?


This question is incredibly broad, and leaves much unsaid that is vital to answer the question appropriately. If you believe your daughter had a bad allergic reaction, you should see a doctor immediately. Some children can have life threatening reactions to different foods (nuts being common offenders), and it is not clear from your question what reaction your daughter had.

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Especially if she had a reaction where she had difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, began gasping, her heart rate went up, etc, then it would be important to be seen by your pediatrician or an allergist immediately so that you can be prepared in case it happens again and can get specific guidance to avoid further episodes. Those are just some of the signs of anaphylactic shock, which can be deadly. Some children have allergies so severe that they need to carry medications (such as an epi-pen) with them, and if your daughter is one of these, then it is important to be seen urgently. There are many common foods and hygiene products that contain nuts or are processed in a facility that uses nuts, and all should be avoided if you are concerned. A doctor will be able to guide you further. Any future exposure is often more significant than the last. In other words, if your daughter just had a rash the first time, it is possible that the next reaction could be more significant. While it is difficult to answer your question with such limited information, take care to read food labels for any nut products or processing in a facility that uses nuts, and then avoid these until you are able to see her physician. Finally, the golden rule with children is to take them to a doctor if you have any concerns.

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