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"How do I grow my eyelashes thicker?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do I grow my eyelashes thicker?


I have thin, short eyelashes, and I want a better look. Are there drugs I can take to grow longer lashes? I heard there was some new drug that can do this?


The first step when dealing with thin eyelashes is to think about things you might be doing that might be contributing to the problem. I say this because by far the most common cause of thin eyelashes is the use of eye makeup. The eye lashes are very delicate, and the tugging from the application and removal of thick mascara often pulls lashes out. Also, some people are sensitive to certain types of cosmetics, which can make the problem worse. Therefore, the first steps would be to think about eliminating or cutting down on your use of lash cosmetics to see if this makes a difference. Other tips include switching away from waterproof mascara (which is thicker and harder to remove) and switching to hypoallergenic cosmetic products. You also may want to talk to a cosmetologist, who will have some suggestions for you on products you can use. If none of this work then, yes, there is a new medication that has recently been approved in the US for treatment of thin eyeglasses. The medication is call bimatoprost (Latisse) and could be prescribed by your dermatologist. Unfortunately, because thin eyelashes are not considered a medical problem, this medication will not be covered by your insurance.

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