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"How do you fight Darier's Disease?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do you fight Darier's Disease?


My teenage daughter wass just diagnosed with Darier's Disease. We haven't had a full consultation with the doctor yet. What should I expect in terms of treatment and prognosis?


Darier's disease is an uncommon condition. It is also known as dyskeratosis follicularis and keratosis follicularis. It is a disorder that is passed down in families (that is, it is a genetic disorder). This is a skin disorder that requires medical attention. I would encourage you to talk to a skin specialist (a dermatologist) to further discuss and treat this condition. Darier's disease is characterized by dark and crusty patches on the skin. These patches occasionally contain pus. These patches are caused by defects in the filaments that make up the skin. Because of this defect the skin breaks down. These breakdowns can before infected and result in pus. Treatment is tricky. It really depends on the severity of the disease and therefore seeing a dermatologist is key. If these are infected then antibiotics are needed -- either antibiotic creams or pills. If not, then the treatment varies greatly. Smaller treatments include acne type treatments of benzyl peroxide -- which removes the dead skin layers. High order treatments include retinoids -- like those used in acne. The prognosis depends on the stage. Keep in mind this will effect her family -- parents, siblings and children. Talk to a dermatologist. The type of Darier's and its current condition vary widely.

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