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""What causes hair to itch and fall out, and regrow?""


I'm a 24 year old African American woman and I have an itchy patch on the back of my scalp. When I tie back my hair, it seems to fall out on the spot really easily, but then quickly grows back. What could cause this?


Itchy hair is a common condition, as is hair loss. The conjunction of the two is also fairly common. This however should be addressed by your doctor.

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I would strongly recommend seeing your doctor in order to diagnose and treat this condition. There are a few causes which can be causing this. Firstly, there are a few hormonal causes that should be addressed. Problems with your thyroid gland can cause alteration in hair patterns. Other hormonal changes that occur in pregnancy can cause this. There are infections that can cause this. Often fungal infections of the scalp can cause both patchy hair loss and itchiness (or as its medically known: pruritus). These can be treated if diagnosed. Autoimmune causes are also important to rule out. Discoid lupus can causes patches or itchiness and hair loss. Besides lupus, other autoimmune disorders can cause this. There are other skin conditions that can involve the scalp. Psoriasis or eczema are both possible. Normally these occur with other skin findings. There are possibly causes of just itchiness that should be considered. Scratching can cause hair loss through traumatic loss. A common cause is dry scalp. Overall, there are many possible causes. See your doctor to prevent this from causing permanent hair loss.

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