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"Can a fruit acid peel fight hyperpigmentation?"

ZocdocAnswersCan a fruit acid peel fight hyperpigmentation?


I'm a middle aged woman and have several spots of hyperpigmentation thanks to some really bad acne scarring. Is it possible to reduce this pigmentation with a fruit acid peel?


Fruit acid peels and other similar treatments fall into the category of 'chemical peels'. These chemical peels can be of different strengths. A superficial peel can frequently be performed in a salon and has few risks or side effects and no down time. A deeper peel, on the other hand, is more commonly performed by a physician and may require bandaging and time at home for the skin to heal. Superficial peels work by removing dead skin layers from the top of the skin. The fresh skin that is exposed underneath is often more youthful appearing, and this may help acne scars and hyperpigmentation appear more smoothed out or less noticeable. A fruit acid peel is a type of superficial peel. Unfortunately, the effects of a superficial peel are likely to wear off and not be permanent. Deeper chemical peels may have lasting effects, because they may actually stimulate the growth of new collagen and skin; however they have more side effects and can't be performed in a salon. Other medical (non-salon) options that might help you include laser resurfacing and dermal abrasion, which are also performed by a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Setting up a visit with your dermatologist is the best first step in determining what your options are.

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