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"Is it true that the erbium laser can help smooth out wrinkles?"


I have a lot of wrinkles. I'm only 37 but I look 10 years older than that. I have just heard about the erbium laser and want to know if its true that it can help so much. I've heard a lot of claims?


Laser based therapy is very popular for removing or improving of minor wrinkles. Technically, this technique is known as laser resurfacing. The principle is that laser light is used to burn away a certain thickness of skin (usually just the top layer, known as the epidermis), which makes the skin appear tighter and more youthful.

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Also, the damage to the skin from the laser stimulates the formation of new collagen, which reduces scars and wrinkles. One of the disadvantages to laser based therapies, depending on how intensive they are, is that they can require significant down time. This is of course mostly dependent on how deep the resurfacing goes, as deeper resurfacing will require bandages and staying out of public until the skin heals. There can also be infections and other complications, although these are rare. The erbium laser is popular because it delivers precise pulses of light. The result is that damage to the skin in the resurfacing can be minimizing, generally resulting in less discomfort and shorter downtimes than with some other lasers. Results are usually quite acceptable for most people in terms of reducing wrinkles or scar. You should set up an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss whether this laser treatment is right for you!

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