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"Please tell me what to do for constant all day itching scalp."


I'm a 57 year old African American grandmother. My concern is a constant itching of my scalp,my hair is literally falling out every time I comb it or pull it hard. I have never had trouble with hair, I was always complimented on how full and strong it was. What is worrying me is this constant itching of my scalp as if something is attacking it. Ilooked up seborreha etc.


Itching of the scalp in conjunction with hair loss could be a sign of an infection, especially a fungal infection, and especially if the hair loss is patchy. Fungal infections of the scalp generally need medical attention, as they require prescription oral medications in order to clear up. Another cause of itching and hair loss would be a problem with the thyroid gland.

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Alterations in thyroid hormone levels can cause hair loss and also cause dryness of the skin, which could manifest as itching and flaking. Other signs of thyroid problems would include changes in mood, appetite, and weight. Finally, seborrheic dermatitis is an inflammatory condition of oily areas of the skin, such as scalp, hairline, and eyebrows. In addition to itching, there is often redness and greasy plaques or scaly areas. Seborrheic dermatitis generally responds to dandruff shampoos, but sometimes antifungal creams or other topical creams are needed. The best first step for you would be to visit your primary care doctor who will be able to perform a complete physical examination as well as look closely at your scalp and hair. Based on this exam, they can likely make a diagnosis and recommend a suitable treatment.

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