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"How do i get rid of my shin splints?"


I am a 28 year old male that does moderate jogging, twice a week. For the last few years i have gotten shin splints. I did see a specialist who x-rayed my feet and the bones were all out of whack due to me being flat footed and suffering from over pronation. I was then sent to a person who made custom insoles for me to wear, he said it would fix my problems. They were $525 and are made of cork. They have helped a little but i still get severe shin splints every now and then. What else can help me? I do exercise before i run, i drink plenty of water. I do not take hot showers, i take cold showers as i was told this can help. I also take motrin regularly to help relieve the pain.


Shin splints is a common condition. This is medically known as medial tibial stress syndrome. I would recommend that you see an orthopedic surgeon.

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Shin splints are rarely very severe. If you are having extreme pain I would seek out a bone specialist (orthopedic surgeon) in order to ensure there is no other process occurring. Shin splints are a process by which repetitive stress (like from running, jumping or skipping) causes strain on the bone, muscle or tendons on the front of the lower leg. The shin bone is medically known as the tibia. Normally, running should not cause stress on the shin. However, there are some anatomic variants that cause the pressure to be placed on the shin bone. Normally, this is blamed on abnormal foot arch. That being said, shin splints is a diagnosis of exclusion. It may be worthwhile to have an MRI of the leg to further investigate that there are no other muscle, tendon or knee joint pathology that is causing your pain. Also, there are diffuse muscle inflammation (myositis) that can cause pain. This should be evaluated. With regards to treatment, normally foot orthotics, motrin like medicines and physical therapy are key. Rarely more advance therapies like shock wave therapy can be used. Talk to an orthopedic surgeon. Good luck!

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