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On average how much hair does a male aged18-25 lose per day? how much would be a sign of too much hair loss? and how can i stop the hair from falling out?

20 year old male i am curious what the average amount of hari loss would be because of how much hair i see com out in the shower and throughout the day on my desk or on papers when i am sitting down. i believe i am losing too much hair and i need to know how to stop it i dont want to lose it. not on any medications i am in a semi stressful enviorment.
Hair loss is a normal process. This occurs as hair follicles go through normal phases. Males are at increased risk for baldness given the normal hormones can effect hair patterns. If you have any concerns regarding this I would recommend you see a skin and hair specialist (a dermatologist) who can better address your concerns. In general, males will lose between 25-100 hair follicles a day. The reason is that hair follicles have normal growth, rest and falling out phases in their cycles. There are certain processes that can cause more hairs to go into the falling out phase. Stress is thought to be one of these processes, and therefore the stress that you mention could be contributing, although medically there is not great data to support this. Its hard to say what is too much. A dermatologist may be able to help evaluate this. To stop hair loss, there are two FDA approved medications. Minoxidil (Rogaine) is a topical medicine that improves hair growth -- although this effect is not long lasting. Finasteride is another medicine (called propecia) that blocks the testosterones effect that causes male pattern baldness. Hair loss is normal. Talk to a doctor before starting any medicine.
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