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"Why does my stomach hurt everyday?"


I am a 27 year old male and single and on and off for the past couple of years my stomach hurts everyday. I have frequent bowel movements and they are both solid and runny. I went to go see a specialist for a colonoscopy and he said that I don't have Chron's Disease. Should I go back to him for another checkup?


Chronic abdominal pain is definitely a symptom that should be investigated thoroughly. You should talk with your internal medicine doctor about your symptoms. In addition to the frequency of your bowel movements and the type of pain you feel, other important symptoms to mention include joint or bone pain or swelling, skin rashes, blood in your bowel movements, any sores around the anus, any association with particular foods, any fevers, and any changes in your weight.

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These symptoms will help your doctor narrow down whether further workup is needed. In addition to Crohn's disease, other possible causes of your symptoms include lactose intolerance (which causes pain and cramping with the ingestion of dairy products), celiac disease (a reaction in the intestine following the ingestion of wheat gluten), irritable bowel syndrome (a syndrome related to stress which causes crampy pain with both constipation and diarrhea), and gastritis or peptic ulcer (inflammation of the stomach or intestinal line related to either acid production or a bacterial infection). After performing an exam, you doctor may decide that further investigations are needed. These could include blood work, experimenting with dietary changes, or a repeat colonoscopy (scope of the lower intestine) or esophagogastroduodenoscopy (scope of the upper intestine).

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