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"Do knee braces help stop pain when running?"

ZocdocAnswersDo knee braces help stop pain when running?


I have knee pain when I run, its doesn't hurt when walking, but I would like to be able to run without knee pain.I didn't do anything specific to cause the pain, no prior injury so Im not sure why it only hurts when I run. The sell knee braces that says they stop knee pain. Do they work do stop the pain, how do they work?


Knee pain is a fairly common condition. Knee braces are a type of orthotic (a device used to help the body function normally) that is often helpful -- although not for all knee problems. If you have a knee problem, it warrants seeing your primary care doctor. He or she may feel it necessary to refer you to a knee specialist (an orthopedic surgeon). The knee is a complex joint, and therefore the are many parts that can malfunction. The knee has muscles surrounding the joint which can be injured. The knee also is the interface of three bones, both of which can be injured and result in knee pain. However, the more common causes of knee pain include (1) the ligaments -- the structures that restrictions the movement of the knee joint and (2) menisci -- the padding within the knee joint that prevents the bones from rubbing on one another. Your doctor can determine the cause by physical exam and / or the use of imaging studies. A knee brace helps to restrict the motion of the knee. It stabilizes the joint. This is often helpful in people who have ligament tears -- as the knee externally does what the ligament should do -- prevent the excess or painful movement of the joint. Braces are also helpful to keep the patella (knee cap) in place. However, if for example there were inflammation in the muscle-- the a brace would not stop pain as there is no reason to limit the movement. Talk to your doctor.

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