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"Why does my stomach muscles start hurting and feeling tight after i have been coughing for a few days?"


i am a 29 year old female who lives in Louisiana. the past two weeks i have had a slight cold for the past two weeks nad have been coughing a lot. Now i everytime i breathe in or cough i have pains in my stomach muscles and they feel extremely tight. should i go to the doctor to maybe get some cough medicine or will it eventually go away on its own?


Your symptoms sound very uncomfortable. The combination of cold-like symptoms and a nagging cough for more than a week is consistent with bronchitis, an infection of the lower airways. This type of infection can cause a severe cough that may or may not be productive with sputum.

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When we cough, we use muscles in the ribs and stomach that normally are not used a whole lot. If you are coughing a lot an using these muscles a lot, they can become sore just like any other muscle. While this can be very uncomfortable, it usually passes shortly after your cough calms down. My bigger concern is whether or not you have or you will develop a pneumonia. Pneumonia is an infection within the lung itself and can be much more detrimental to your health. For this reason, I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. You need to have a doctor examine your lungs and possibly order a chest x-ray. If you do have pneumonia then you will need antibiotics. If you have bronchitis, then it will likely pass very soon and your stomach will feel better shortly after. In the mean time, try to stay away from small children and pregnant women (to avoid spreading your infection). Good luck.

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