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"Why are my wisdom teeth growing sideways?"


I am 21 years old and my wisdom teeth have started coming in. The one on the left bottom has starting popping thru and it is growing in sideways. What causes this? Is it because there isnt enough room for them to grow the right way or are my gums just bad. All I know is that it is very painful!


It sounds like you are ready to have your wisdom teeth removed. While many dentists believe that wisdom teeth should be removed at some point, all would agree that they need out when they are causing problems like they are now. There are several theories as to why our wisdom teeth seem to come in crooked and sideways much more often than they should.

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The leading theory is that our jaws are not large enough to accommodate a 3rd molar and thus when they decide to come in, they bump up against the 2nd molar and pop through sideways. They can become impacted, infected, and cause your other teeth to move in crooked. Wisdom teeth coming in crooked almost never has anything to do with your gums being bad or unhealthy. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon. The fact that your teeth are already painful means that you should not hesitate to be seen. He or she can take a close look at all of your teeth and decide which of your 3rd molars need removed. Likely, the decision will be made to remove all of them to prevent any further problems you may have in the future. Good luck.

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