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"Why do i wake up every morning with a headache?"


I am a 30 year old mother of a single child but soon there will another addition to our family. From the last couple of days i am stuffy nose, sore throat and mild headache each morning after i wake up. I am tired of doing home remedies like taking steam, applying some balm and doing salt water gargles each night before i sleep. I am not taking any medicines. Please suggest what should be done to make my condition better.


This sounds a lot like you just have a common cold! The good news is that this is likely not a serious condition, and it should get better over the next several days. Common colds usually run their course within about 7-10 days. Obviously, if you have any more concerning symptoms, such as high fever, trouble breathing, or worsening cough, you should get in to see your primary care doctor or OB GYN doctor as soon as possible.

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Unfortunately, because you are pregnant, the medications that you can take for relieving the cold symptoms are limited. It is best to avoid most over the counter cold remedies while you are pregnant. For headache, sore throat, and other aches and pains it is ok to take acetaminophen (Tylenol), which is safe during pregnancy. Also, you can try a few other simple non medication remedies. I recommended nasal irrigation to relieve the congestion. Either a bottle of nasal saline spray or the Nettypot system (which you can buy in any pharmacy) is excellent for removing nasal congestion and sinus pressure without having any undue effects on the pregnancy. Make certain to rest, drink lots of fluids, and call your doctor if symptoms are getting worse!

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